Making Money on Instagram – How Many Followers Do You Need?

Are you looking to make money on Instagram? You’ve probably heard that it’s possible to earn a living by creating content, but have you ever wondered how many followers you need in order to do so? The answer isn’t always clear and, depending on your goals and objectives, may vary significantly. Let’s break down the different ways to monetize your Instagram account and discuss how many followers you need in order to be successful.

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Monetizing Your Content

There are four main ways to make money through your Instagram account: sponsored posts, selling products or services, affiliate marketing, and influencer marketing. To kickstart any of these methods, it’s important to understand the value of impressions. Impressions refer to the number of times a post is seen by users. The more impressions a post has, the more valuable it is for potential sponsors or brands because they can reach more people.

Sponsored Posts/Brand Deals

When it comes to sponsored posts, the number of followers required varies greatly depending on the brand and their expectations. For instance, smaller companies with limited budgets may require fewer followers than larger companies with bigger budgets. Generally speaking though, most brands prefer accounts that have at least 5K IG followers before even considering working together. That being said, there are exceptions; some smaller brands may work with accounts with 1K-2K followers if they like the content and feel confident that it will reach their intended target audience.

Selling Products/Services

If you plan on selling products or services through your account then having an engaged following is much more important than having a large one. Even if you only have 5-10k followers but they are constantly interacting with your posts (liking them, commenting on them) then those 5-10k followers still have quite a bit of value in terms of sales potential as opposed to an account with 10-50K inactive/unengaged followers who don’t interact much with your posts.


The number of followers needed in order to start making money on Instagram really depends on what type of monetization strategy you plan on using as well as which brands/companies you want to work with or target for sales opportunities. If you are looking for sponsored posts from larger companies then 10K+ followers is generally recommended whereas selling products or services requires an engaged following regardless of how many total followers you have. Ultimately though, it all comes down to quality over quantity when it comes making money through Instagram – focus less on follower count and more on creating engaging content that resonates with your target audience!